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Deltec SCC 2061 Internal Protein Skimmer | Deep Blue Aquatics

Deltec SCC 2061 Internal Protein Skimmer

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Due to the nature & size of this product please allow up to seven working days for delivery.

Deltec's new and innovative SC (Single chamber) range of in sump skimmers featuring Deltec's brand new high performance DC pump featuring class leading energy to air ratio (E-T-A) .

Suitable for aquariums up to 1800 lts

The new SC Series internal skimmers are powered by a 24V DC pump.

This pump includes a "soft start", which means the rotor will slowly accelerate to the power level set on the controller. On models without the controller, the acceleration is to full power.

This slow acceleration ensures that the pump is guaranteed to start ever under difficult conditions.

The choice of the power stage is selected by pressing the + and - buttons on the 8-stage controller. By pressing the "Feed" button the pump is stopped for 10 minutes.

After this, period the pump continues to operate at the previously set level.

SC skimmers are designed for use in filter sumps.

Technical Data :

In Sump Version - Deltec SCC2061 - This stands for SingleChamber, body diameter 200mm and total height 550mm

  • Significantly exceeds performance of AP701/AP851 (600 lts of air - 230V)
  • footprint - 220 mm by 285 mm
  • footprint with pipework - 310 mm by 220 mm
  • Total air produced - 1250 max lts/hour
  • Power consumption - 21-24 watts
  • Water level in sump - 150mm min 250mm max
  • Outlet 50mm(TYPE S32)
  • Neck diameter 125mm
  • Tank Suitability 1500 lts heavy stocking 1800 lts normal stocking
  • Remote drain of skimmer cup
  • Air silencer
  • Micro adjustable skimmer setting
  • High water flow through the skimmer
  • New colour scheme
  • No feed pump required, skimmer draws water directly from the sump

Due to the nature & size of this product please allow up to seven working days for delivery.

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