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Deltec Twin Calcium Reactor 3000 | Deep Blue Aquatics

Deltec Twin Tech Calcium Reactor 3000

  • £1,99499

The Twin Tech is a total saturation type reactor where the water in the reactor is fully saturated with CO2 and automatically maintains the correct level, taking away the requirement to adjust bubble or flow rates or the need for a pH controller.

Water throughput, in litres per day, is measured via a flow meter built into the unit on the controller which automatically adjusts the flow up or down by 2 buttons and displays it on a large digital display. As the dKH rises or falls in the aquarium, you simply turn up or down the daily volume and the programme in the controller does the rest.

3 models are currently available for aquariums up to 1500, 3000 and 10,000 litres.

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