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Korallen Zucht ZEOvit Filter | Deep Blue Aquatics

Korallen Zucht ZEOvit Filter

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Standard Zeovit® filter for up to 2L ZEOvit® with pump 1000L and ball valve for flow rate regulation.

To clean the material, push and pull the rod appr. 15-20 times. Keep the filter pump running during the cleaning process. Simple, fast and easy removal of mulm and deposits of the Zeovit® (takes just a minute). It is important to clean the Zeovit® daily.

For an enhanced nitrate and phosphate removal you can run the Zeovit® in the filter in an alternating environment of aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The microorganisms/bacteria will aspirate more nitrate and phosphate then. This can be achieved by switching the pump of the filter on and off at an interval of 3 hours (the material must not be exposed to air while pump is off). This effect can be enhanced with ZEOstart and ZEOfood and is not negative to corals or fish, but the growth will improve on nealy all corals.

By the way: After several years with the Zeovit® filter we recognized that after cleaning corals use the outcoming slimy mulm which is a valuable kind of bacteria plankton that is absorbed by many corals which in turn leads to more intense colouration. Furthermore it improves the keeping of Goniopora, Alveopora, horn corals and Heliofungia without problems.

Max. filling capacity ca. 2 L ZEOvit®.

Size: ca. 52 cm h x 25 cm l with pump x 14 cm w

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