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Aqua Illumination Nero 5

  • £29900

Pre-Order for release September. 

The Nero 5 is an all new water pump from Aqua Illumination, the company best known as one of the pioneers of aquarium LED lights such as the AI Sol, AI Prime and Hydra. The Nero 5 is Aqua Illumination’s first device outside the lighting category and it has inherited lots of great features from AI’s experience developing intuitive controls for lighting. 

The AI Nero 5 pushes an impressive cross section of water flow that can ramp up to a true 3,000 gallons per hour with a force that you can feel, while consuming a paltry 30 watts of power. The pump is completely silent and submersible and is held to the glass with a dual magnet mount which permits a modest 15 degrees of directional freedom, and is strong enough for holding onto glass up to 13 mm thick. 

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