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NYOS Reef Cement - 500ml | Deep Blue Aquatics

NYOS Reef Cement - 500ml

  • £1299

Rapid adhesive with a firm grip and is low in harmful substances, which can be used to attach corals, overhangs, columns and complete stone structures easily and durably. REEF CEMENT is a powdery substance, which is simply stirred in cold water and cures completely within 2 minutes.

Technical Details

Content: 500ml

Use: 3 parts REEF CEMENT:1 part water

Binding time: 2 minutes 

  • Can be used above and below water
  • Not harmful to corals or fish
  • Attachment of corals, reef structures, etc.
  • Corals can be attached on the reef structure either as over-hanging or free-standing corals.
  • Is soon overgrown with coralline red algae

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