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TMC H2 Acclimation Kit | Deep Blue Aquatics

TMC H2 Acclimation Kit

  • £999

Simple yet professional drip acclimation kit providing the necessary components to gently acclimate new livestock into a home aquarium.

The HAcclimation Kit includes:-

Compact siphon starter. Specially designed to allow the water siphon to be started quickly and efficiently.
Water intake strainer. This attaches to the inlet end of the flexible tubing and is then secured in the aquarium. It prevents solids and particles from being drawn into the siphon kit from the aquarium.
Plastic U bend. This fits over the side of the aquarium, allowing simple and secure installation of the flexible tubing.
Water Control Valve. This allows you to accurately control the amount and rate at which your aquarium water is transferred to your acclimation buckets or containers.
Micro Thermometer. This allows the water temperature to be checked and monitored during the acclimation process.
2m flexible tubing. 4/6mm diameter.
Flexible tubing securing suction cup. This allows the flexible tubing and water control valve to be secured to your acclimation buckets or containers

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